Weight Loss and Cardio Training: Which Is Good for You, Weight Training or HIIT?

Weight Loss and Cardio Coaching: Which Is Good for You, Weight Coaching or HIIT?

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Written by Vijay Thakkar

Previously few years, our altering life with higher disposable earnings, consumption of comfort and processed meals habits and sedentary life have brought about an alarming enhance in diabetes, heart problems (CVD) and most cancers. Extreme weight and physique mass have been strongly related to the event of those illnesses. Even in at present’s fast-paced, aggressive world, overcoming work and private stressors in life has turn into more and more difficult.

Lack of bodily exercise, poor food regimen and lack of sleep have contributed to our weight achieve downside at present. Nevertheless, in accordance with analysis, common train is related to stress discount attributable to a rise within the launch of pleased hormones often known as endorphins, constructing good consuming habits and higher sleep. All these parts collectively assist us scale back our weight. Nevertheless, it’s tough to search out two hours every day to burn 1000+ energy to lose our weight and preserve it for all times.

Thus, our seek for an efficient weight reduction routine has launched varied coaching methods and train routines. The 2 hottest strategies which were adopted and acquired severe consideration are weight coaching and excessive depth interval coaching (HIIT). Each strategies have their distinctive benefits. However which one is more practical in serving to you drop some pounds? On this article, we’ll discover the distinction between weight coaching and HIIT that will help you make an knowledgeable choice about which technique is probably the most appropriate so that you can shed the surplus weight.

Weight coaching

Weight coaching, also referred to as power or resistance coaching, entails workouts that use resistance to construct power and muscle mass. Usually, the resistance within the exercise is offered by chosen machines, kettlebells, dumbbells or barbells. When touring or on the go, weight coaching will also be achieved utilizing your physique weight with burpees, pull-ups, push-ups or resistance bands.

Advantages of weight coaching:

1) Improved muscle mass: Weight coaching helps stimulate the expansion of our skeletal muscle tissues, which is the muscle round our joints similar to arm, chest, again and leg muscle tissues that assist us transfer our physique towards gravity, be stronger and transfer with out soreness suffered. Skeletal muscle additionally helps enhance our vitality expenditure all through the day, often known as the basal metabolic charge or metabolic charge. Growing our metabolism helps us burn extra energy and lose fats quicker.

2) Higher physique composition: Our physique consists of two separate lots, that are the fats mass and the lean mass. Lean mass consists primarily of protein, water, nutritional vitamins and minerals similar to muscle mass. Alternatively, adipose tissue primarily comprises fats deposits. Weight coaching helps enhance our physique composition by rising lean mass, primarily muscle mass, and decreasing physique fats. This composition enhancement improves general well being and provides you a slim, chiseled look.

3) Improved Metabolic Fee: Weight coaching causes microscopic harm to muscle tissue, also referred to as eustress. This eustress on the muscle encourages vitamins and oxygen to stream into the world to start out the restoration course of and supercompensate by bettering the power and dimension of the muscle in order that the identical quantity of train doesn’t trigger damage once more. Because of this progress, after performing resistance coaching, the person experiences a lift of their metabolism for as much as 48 hours after train, also referred to as post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

4) Improved bone density: Weight coaching reduces the danger of illnesses similar to osteoporosis and protects the bones from deadly and life-threatening fractures by rising the density of the bones.


It’s a kind of cardiovascular exercise that encourages alternating between brief bursts of intense train and intermittent restoration intervals by decreasing the tempo of motion. For instance, whereas doing an outside run, alternating between sprinting for 30 seconds and brisk strolling for 2 minutes earlier than persevering with this cycle can be termed HIIT.

The vitality that muscle tissues use to carry out any exercise is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Below anaerobic circumstances similar to sprinting, the necessity for vitality within the muscle exceeds the oxygen provide to the muscle cells to provide ample vitality for the extraordinary exercise. The extra the depth of the exercise, the extra ATP is required. The muscle tissues resort to the anaerobic ATP manufacturing pathways throughout high-intensity actions to fulfill the vitality provide deficit.

The elevated vitality demand throughout high-intensity exercise is bridged with anaerobic respiration and made technically accessible via the phosphagen pathway and anaerobic glycolysis. The phosphagen pathway refers back to the recycling of already accessible ATP within the muscle to provide extra vitality utilizing creatine shops within the muscle. Anaerobic glycolysis refers back to the burning or fermentation of glucose saved within the muscle to generate ATP quickly. Each vitality pathways are carried out within the absence of oxygen. Nevertheless, these two pathways can solely dominate vitality manufacturing for as much as 30 seconds of intense exercise. Lactic acid manufacturing is a byproduct of glucose fermentation within the muscle cell, which causes muscle burn and slows or stops exercise.

Due to its intense nature, HIIT exercises sometimes final between 20 to half-hour, and you may resolve on depth cycles primarily based in your health degree.

Advantages of HIIT:

1) Time saving: HIIT exercises are shorter than conventional steady-state cardio, making them a super alternative for folks with busy schedules. Regardless of a shorter period, HIIT can burn the identical or extra energy than a steady-state, moderate-intensity cardio exercise.

2) Improved calorie burning: HIIT has been proven to enhance metabolism and burn extra energy after a exercise. This enhance in metabolism is as a result of intense bouts of HIIT that induce a better EPOC impact than the standard technique of steady-state cardio, culminating in improved calorie burning as much as 24 hours after train.

3) Improved Cardiovascular Well being: Cardiovascular endurance improves attributable to HIIT as a result of big selection of train depth used through the prolonged and steady train, from 60 p.c to as much as 90 p.c of most coronary heart charge. This technique causes the center and lungs to adapt over time, rising the oxygen provide to the working muscle tissues. In flip, the working muscle tissues reply and adapt to HIIT stress by bettering their means to make the most of oxygen and bettering cardiovascular well being. This means of the muscle tissues to extend their most quantity of oxygen utilization throughout exercise is called the enhancement of VO2 max. It’s measured in ml of used oxygen per kg physique weight per minute.

4) Improves insulin sensitivity: HIIT coaching has been proven to scale back insulin resistance that causes diabetes, enhance blood sugar management and scale back the danger of creating kind 2 diabetes.

Weight Coaching Versus HIIT: Who Wins for Weight Loss?

Whereas weight coaching and HIIT can scale back weight, they achieve this via completely different mechanisms. Weight coaching principally triggers progress in muscle dimension and power, whereas HIIT focuses totally on bettering calorie burn and cardiovascular endurance.

So which technique is more practical for weight reduction? All of it will depend on what suits your life-style and what you possibly can persist with persistently as a result of consistency is vital to weight reduction. The most effective outcomes can be seen for those who mix the 2 modalities and divide your week into 2-3 days of 45 minutes of weight coaching and 1-2 days of half-hour of HIIT coaching. By combining each modalities with a wholesome dietary plan and enough sleep, relaxation and restoration, you’ll drop some pounds and enhance your physique composition and cardiovascular endurance.

Lastly, it’s advisable to not begin HIIT or weight coaching with out the consent of your physician and it needs to be achieved after having your stress check accredited underneath the supervision of a well being skilled.

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